4th Birthday Party Ideas At Home For Boys & Girls

Below is a list of 4th birthday party ideas at home for boys and girls include games that involve the entire family. The best 4th birthday party ideas at home for boys and girls are those fun activities that can be done with everyone. 

This article will tell you about the ideas to make a birthday party. As you know, a birthday party is a very special day to celebrate with family or friends. 

The children are enjoying their special day because they dress up and invite their friends to come and play with them.

Girls and boys both enjoy throwing a good birthday party, and this year they need to make it extra special because they are four years old! 

This article will provide your child with some suggestions on how to make their big day one to remember. 

A 4-year-old is such an active age, so the ideal activities would be ones that get the kids moving while allowing them some time to just have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

4th Birthday Party Ideas

4th birthday party ideas for girl

Here are our list of the best 4th birthday party ideas that you can do at home

#1) Blow up your backyard with a water slide and sprinkler area

What is more exciting for kids than running through a pool of cool water on a hot day?

Set up the slip and slide in the shade, or use it as a way to cool off at dusk once the sun goes down. 

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Make sure that you have enough water balloons on hand to keep everyone entertained!

#2) Spend an afternoon racing remote control cars with tracks inside

In order to create a memorable 4th birthday party at home for boys and girls that will allow children to go fast without going too far from home, set up an indoor raceway using masking tape on the floor with an area for crashing and crashing pads. 

You can break up the party into different heats by age, with the winner of each heat receiving a trophy.

#3) Let your future basketball stars shoot hoops

While parents typically like to sit back and relax when at a birthday party, it is exciting for them to get in on the action as well! 

Create your kid’s 4th birthday party that includes some activity that even adults can compete in. 

Set up a Wii or Xbox Kinect game of basketball so everyone can have fun trying to beat their previous high scores while also getting a workout in at the same time!

#4) Fill up the Pinata

Every birthday party needs a pinata, and your kid’s 4th birthday party at home should include one. 

Make your own pinata or purchase an inexpensive plastic one that you can fill up with candy and small toys. 

Once it is time for everyone to take their turn hitting the piñata, make sure you have an adult manning the swings to make sure no one gets hurt!

#5) Watch a movie together

Settle in for movie night with some popcorn to create 4th Birthday Party Ideas at Home For Boys & Girls that are easy to do but will be memorable experiences for all. Some popular movies appropriate for kids this age are Despicable Me or The Croods.

#6) Have a cooking contest

Many 4-year-olds are just learning to use the stove, so it is exciting for them to get comfortable with an adult supervising. 

Gather together ingredients that can be used by young chefs and watch as they invent their own recipes!

 For each course, let the child prepare the dish and then judge together who won the round. 

The best part about this activity is that your child will be surprised when he or she learns they actually like something new!

#7) Set up a play tent in the backyard

Setting up tents in backyards allows kids to use their imagination to create homes for themselves where anything is possible. 

Fill the tent with pillows and a lantern to create an area where they can have fun but also feel safe.

#8) Decorate cakes together

All children love to help decorate their favorite treat, so it is a great idea to host a cupcake decorating party that is based on this activity. 

You can make your own cake or purchase one from the bakery, buy plenty of different icing colors, sprinkles, and candies, and let the kids go wild! Let everyone make their own masterpiece before enjoying their treat together at the end of the activities.

#9) Have a family picnic

4th birthday party ideas for boy

Sitting outside and enjoying the weather is one of the best things about spring and summertime. 

Gathering together will allow you, your friends, and your families to get together for good conversation while eating yummy food such as pasta salad or fried chicken. 

You can even add games like bocce ball or ladder golf if you want!

#10) Have a trampoline party

Jumping on a trampoline is exciting for kids because it allows them to see how high they can jump and test their limits without any danger. 

Create an area in your backyard where everyone can stay active by assembling a simple trampoline with materials you can purchase at your local hardware store.

#11) Have a family relay race

Using items around the house, create a fun relay race for your kid’s 4th birthday party at home that the whole family can enjoy. 

Fill up buckets with water and put them next to a table of four mason jars. 

Award points to each team depending on how quickly they are able to fill up their jar from the bucket without spilling any water! 

If you have chalkboard easels around your home, write down some different family-friendly games for people to play while waiting for their turn. 

Be creative with it and end up with a memorable time spent together as a family celebrating an important milestone in your child’s life!

4th Birthday Party Ideas FAQ

What Can You Do for a 4-Year-Old Birthday Party?

A 4th birthday party for a kid is usually a family and friends celebration, and you can plan accordingly. 

Some 4-year-olds still really like the idea of having their parents join in on all of the activities, so think about throwing some art projects or games into the mix to make them feel good!

How Do You Celebrate a 4th Birthday Party?

Many 4th birthday party ideas at home for boys & girls include many different kinds of activities that will be fun no matter what your child’s interests are. 

The best way to enjoy this age is to let kids create their own environment which means anything goes as long as everyone is having fun!

How Do 4 Year Old Girls Celebrate Their Birthday?

This is the age where kids are really starting to figure out their own personalities, which means that they are developing interests that are different from one another. 

Some 4-year-olds still insist on having princess parties while others want to have outdoor adventures. Think about these individual differences when you are planning the party and ask the parents of your child’s friends what kinds of activities they might enjoy as well!

What Will a 4-Year-Old Girl Think of Her Birthday Party?

A little girl turning four will probably be excited about many different birthday party ideas at home for boys & girls as long as she gets to spend time with her family and friends doing things that she enjoys. 

She might like playing games or making crafts, so just think about what kinds of activities she might enjoy most and let her take the lead in regard to conquering any birthday party fears that may be lingering!

How Do You Celebrate a 4-Year Old’s Birthday?

The best way to celebrate a 4-year-old’s birthday is by thinking about things that are fun for all ages. 

Kids are really starting to pick up on language skills, so think about including songs or games where everyone can participate. 

Let them eat lots of yummy snacks while they play together whether it is inside or outside!

What Are Good 4 Year Old Party Games?

There are many different types of games that you can play with kids who just turned four years old. 

They will have an easier time following directions because their brains are starting to sort things out in regard to directions, timing, and other details. So, set up your party revolving around those points.

Kids can play many different types of birthday party games whether it is indoors or outdoors. 

If they are playing outside, you should think about the weather ahead of time because these activities will need to be modified if it’s raining or extremely hot outside. 

Outdoors ideas include races like frog jumps while inside options include musical chairs!

How Long Should a 4-Year-Old Birthday Party Last?

Kids turn four years old once so the whole party should be at least two hours long. 

Anything less than that might be too short for a kid to enjoy, and any longer than two hours means that other people might get tired of waiting around!


Kids and parents will both enjoy these activities, so try to think about what kinds of 4th birthday party ideas at home for boys & girls are going to be fun for everyone. 

Kids love to explore new things, so consider incorporating some activities that you don’t often see at kids’ parties!

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