5th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys & Girls

When your kid’s 5th birthday is coming, it is time to prepare and set up for the party. If you are short on ideas, check out our checklist of 5th birthday party ideas for boys and girls.

As a parent, it will be your responsibility to ensure your child’s 5th birthday is a special day. 

With so many children reaching the milestone every year, you might not find it difficult to select what type of party you want for them. 

You can have a petting zoo, or an animal farm visit on-site at their locale suitable for young children. 

The more extravagant ideas would include a clown performance and even hiring an Italian ice-cream truck to add that extra fun into the event.

In some cases, parents may choose to come up with innovative themes for their birthday parties such as going to the movies or having a movie night in instead. 

Your kid’s friends should also be able to determine some planned events ensuring more group bonding time between them.

How Do You Celebrate Your 5th Birthday?

It’s safe to say every child loves receiving gifts. Your kid 5th birthday party ideas can be themed around giving back to your child with thoughtful presents, or just pure entertainment for the kids and their friends. 

Rather than asking guests to bring gifts for your son or daughter, you can arrange a gift exchange event where everyone brings gifts that are labeled for specific people attending the celebration.

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You may also decide on decorating each gift in order of who will receive them so guests can make an easy swap when it’s time. 

You might even consider making this exchange one of the events at the party itself along with other activities like opening up all the presents, eating cake and ice cream followed by some games.

Just ensure you purchase only age-appropriate toys and educational gifts for your child in preparation.

It’s also a good idea to plan for simple games, in case your guests get restless and can’t wait to open up their presents. 

You could consider having an activity table with coloring books and crayons, stickers, and other crafty supplies where they can all sit together to make cards and crafts for the birthday boy or girl.

If you live close to any sort of park, it would be a great idea to take them there along with some snacks like popcorn or candies for added excitement. 

Even taking them out on their very own special day trip such as going swimming at the local community pool will give everyone something fun to look forward to while celebrating your child’s 5th birthday.

Where Can You Have a 5 Year Old Party?

Ideally, your 5th birthday celebration should be held at a place where everyone can feel comfortable. 

The décor and supplies you choose to use will depend on the location of your party, but for kids especially they may get anxious if it’s too formal or fancy.

It would be best to look for an indoor venue with enough space to accommodate all their guests in addition to tables and chairs so everyone can sit down without feeling rushed.

If you do decide on holding your child’s big day in public, ensure it is in a safe environment in case there are any emergencies that arise during the course of the festivities.

5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas & Activities

5 year old birthday party themes

#1) Themed Party

You can plan your child’s 5th birthday party ideas around a specific type of theme such as animals, superheroes, etc. 

This will help to set the tone of the event and encourage guests to come in costume too. Encourage everyone to dress up for this special day so they feel involved in some way.

If you want your kids and their friends to enjoy themselves more at the same time, why not let them pick out their own costumes? 

#2) Game Time

Aside from having plenty of food and drinks available for all your guests attending, you should also add in simple games such as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, musical chairs, and pass the parcel.

Games like these are good for all ages, especially if you have kids of varying ages or smaller children who can’t sit still yet. 

The birthday boy or girl will love participating in the games too; however, make sure to let them win sometime during their special day!

#3) Birthday Party Activities

There are lots of age-appropriate party activities that encourage socializing amongst your child’s friends. 

You can plan an activity table with different types of craft supplies like stickers, markers, glitter glue pens, and more for them to customize a pinata they can break later with a blindfold.

Or, you could even let them decorate their own cupcakes with sprinkles and candy decorations.

Party activities like these will prevent your child from feeling left out, especially if they don’t have a separate gift to open from their guests. 

Another popular activity that kids usually enjoy is playing pass-the-parcel. Other fun things you can do include setting up a bouncy castle or slipping and sliding in your backyard so everyone can let loose and play outside.

#4) Playlist

A party playlist is another great idea for making your 5th birthday party ideas stand out among the rest! 

Pick out some of your child’s favorite songs and set up the music player so all the guests can listen together as they mingle with each other. 

You can also play some of their favorite movies that they’ve grown up watching over the years like Curious George, Shrek, or Despicable Me.

Themed party supplies are always another great idea because it gives everyone a fun way to express themselves! 

For example, you could give out party hats with cat ears or bow ties for your guests to wear if your child’s birthday falls on Halloween. 

Also, check out Oriental Trading Company for more boy and girl-themed 5th birthday ideas along with an array of discounted costumes too!

To help make the day more memorable for everyone involved, be sure to take plenty of photos as a keepsake from their big day! 

Whenever you find yourself in a photo booth at the venue, make sure to snap a few selfies with your child and their friends. You can then turn these candid photos into posters or scrapbook pages for everyone to enjoy.

#5) Keep the Food Simple

While having a candy table filled with all sorts of desserts is always a great idea, try sticking to a smaller selection of foods that everyone enjoys instead. 

Check out Oriental Trading Company’s catering section where they have everything from veggie platters and fruit skewers to mini taco cups and cheese plates.

It’s also a good idea to stick with simple fare such as pizza, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese since you want everyone to be able to enjoy the party without getting too full. 

After all, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without an epic cake for your little one to blow out their candles on!

If some of your guests have food allergies or sensitivities, make sure to bring along some kid-friendly snacks for them instead. 

Another way to keep things from getting too messy is by having wet wipes on hand in case anyone gets icing on their face while trying on different costumes from the dress-up table!

Regardless of what theme you decide upon for decorating, having cake and cake pops is always a must! You can even consider hiring one of those clowns that will take pictures with all the kids to commemorate the special occasion.

Additionally, you could plan out a structured party where everything is happening at once including opening up presents, having cake and ice cream, going on a trip, or attending an outdoor event like a petting zoo. 

It’s not uncommon for parents nowadays to invite their child’s grandparents and close family members who may live around them as well.

Whichever idea you end up choosing, ensure your 5th birthday kid has an amazing day from start to finish.

5 Ideas for Your Child’s 5 Year Old Party

#1) Movie Screening/Movie Night Theme

This would be perfect for those kids who are constantly glued to the TV or tablet screen. 

They can play their favorite movie on a projector screen while sitting down on bean bags with blankets and pillows. You could also make popcorn for guests to munch on during the showtime.

#2) Themed-Decorated Gifts

This idea is perfect if your child prefers opening up gifts over anything else at their birthday. 

Rather than asking everyone to bring their own gift, you can purchase themed ones like toys, costumes, and sports equipment to give out instead. 

It will eliminate unnecessary shopping trips for parents plus it’ll be more entertaining for your son or daughter because they’ll be able to try out new stuff right away!

#3) Trip Outing

For this 5th birthday party idea, you could arrange with the parents to take their children out somewhere fun. 

A trip to the local park is always great if it’s not too far away or you could drive them all to an arcade where they can shoot some hoops, smash some pinatas and enjoy themselves at the same time.

#4) Five-Year Olds Only! 

This particular idea may work best if your child has lots of friends around his or her age who are also turning five within that year. 

You can have a more private function at home with an extended family member watching over everyone while adults mingle in another room.

5) Themed Cake

5th birthday party ideas

If you don’t want it so fancy but still want to make a statement, you could make a themed cake to match your child’s favorite cartoon or video game. 

You don’t have to be an expert in piping frosting flowers and shapes, the kids will love it if they see their favorite characters from TV on top of their cake!


Whatever you end up choosing for your 5-year old’s birthday party ideas, just do what makes him or her happy. 

You should think carefully before taking any 5th birthday party ideas. Because, the memories that everyone shares during this milestone event in your kid’s life should be something he or she looks back on fondly in his later years so it is all worth it in the end.

In summary, have fun and enjoy being a parent making memories with your children .

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