Adoptive Parents Definition: Credible References

In this modern era, does everyone understand well about adoptive parents definition? It is not sure if all of them can define this term well. Many people are still confused.

Using the term ‘adoptive parents’ in daily communication. Because of the limitedness of information, people are also cannot distinguish it from biological parents.

Definition of Adoptive Parents Generally

In general, the term adoptive parents meaning is appropriate for the people who raise children from another family.

The children automatically do not have a blood relation with them, but they give the sincere affection. Besides, they also fulfill all of the children’s needs.

Although keeping children is very tired, but adoptive parents will do it well. They usually adopt children because they do not have biological children.

That is why they can give sincere affection to them. By keeping the children well, they can have biological children in the future.

On the other hand, the definition of adoptive parents is also given to them who fulfill the children’s needs. Mostly, the children are from poor families. Then, the adoptive parents determine to adopt them. So, children can get what they need.

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Definition of Adoptive Parents Based on Experts

Many experts from many countries define foster parents according to their own thinking. However, their definition is different. But, actually, it has the same focus.

So, do not blame anyone’s definition. Surely, before the experts deliver their idea, they have matched it with various knowledge and consideration.

The Free Dictionary

Free Dictionary defines adoptive parents are people who adopt a child as their own child. The children can from their relatives, other families also their friends’ children.

If they decide to adopt the children, automatically they must give sincere affection and fulfill their needs.

Based on this definition, adoptive parents are the people that keeping the children. They also will give all of the children’s needs is some aspects such as health, food and education.

This condition can bring the children happier than before and get comfortable in the new family.

Definition Adoptive Parents Based on Baltimore

Baltimore (2008) says that adoptive parents are the people who provide a permanent home for the children.

The children who come from the other families will be kept by them. To keep the children, adoptive parents must through the legal process namely adoption.

Through the process of adoption, they can ask the children from their biological parents as well as possible. So, both biological and adoptive parents agree with this business.

Definition Adoptive Parents Based on Merriam Webster

Meriam Webster defines that adoptive parents are the marriage or single person who have adopted the children.

It means that adoptive parents here can be the couple and single adoptive father or mother. They have the ability to keep the children and educate them well.

Mostly, in adopting the children, the adoptive parents to be must fulfill the requirements. All of them exist as prerequisites so that the children can get the best treatment from them.

It is such as about stable income, criminal record, adoptive parents’ education, and so on.

Definition Adoptive Parents Based on Ward

The next adoptive parent definition is from Ward (2019). She defines that adoptive parents are people who keep the children from other families with the legal rule.

In this context, they do not take the children without legal agreement with biological parents.

Then, the adoptive parents also can make the new legality relationship with the adoptees.

However, the children and the biological parents do not have a relationship in the term of legal government rule. So, biological parents need to think carefully before taking a decision.

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The Differences Between Adoptive and Biological Parents

The terms adoptive and biological parents are really different. Also, they are parents. They have a different role and a different parenting style.

In this context, people cannot regard them as the same parents for children. Each of them has their own characteristics and cannot be compared in many aspects.

The Blood Relationship

It is widely known that adoptive parents have a blood relationship with the children. They give birth to the children directly.

Automatically, children will inherit the character, body genetic, and intelligence both from their biological father and mother. They also have a strong internal relationship with them.

This condition is different from adoptive parents. They do not have a blood relationship with the children. Related to it, the children have no internal relationship with the adoptive parents.

In this context, the relationship between them starts when the children have born.

The Children’s Guardianship

In the aspect of guardianship, the biological parents will be the absolute parents for them until whenever they live.

The children cannot be blocked from their biological parents. When they in the adult phase, surely they will need the parents’ guardian especially for daughters’ marriage.

It is different from the adoptive parents’ guardianship. They just the people who raise up the children and have no blood relationship.

So, for the guardian business such as marriage and others, they cannot do it for the children. Adoptive parents just have the guardian in deciding the children’s needs for life.

The Legality of Rule

Biological parents automatically have a legal relationship after they give birth to children in the world. The government will give the corticated that they are the children’s parents.

The process of getting this is so simple. Moreover, it does not need complicated requirements.

On the other way, the adoptive parents will get the rule legality as the parents after conducting adoption.

They must sever the children’s legality from their biological parents. Then, the adoptive parents have to enroll in their relationship with the government so that they can get the legality.

However, talking about adoptive parents definition is very important. If people can not understand this term well, they need to learn. If getting the information about adoption or other, they cannot implement it well at daily interaction. So, please upgrade the knowledge about this topic routinely. Happy reading.

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