Adoptive Parents Profiles: 10 Things You Must Prepare

Nowadays, many couples like to know adoptive parents profiles. There are various reasons for people who want to be foster parents.

The main reason is that they do not have a baby. If they are interested to be adoptive parents, then there are some important things that the foster family must know.

Things Must Have in Adoptive Parents Profiles

When creating an adoptive parents profiles, there are some important points to consider.

Not only basic information, but they also need to prepare a letter containing detailed information about their family. Here are the 10 things that they should not miss out on their profile:

Basic Information

Basic information is one important thing in adoptive parents profiles. Generally, there is a name, religion, and age. This biodata consists of a husband and wife. Adoption agency usually provides a minimum age requirement of 30 years and a maximum of 55 years.

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In addition, prospective foster parents must have been married for at least 5 years. The existence of this regulation does not cover all requirements. Then, marital relations must be good so that children can grow and develop well.

Moreover, you can join adoptive parents support groups who already have adopted child. You can ask their advice when you want to be adoptive parents.


Every child adoption agency will provide the best for the child and foster parents. If they are interested in becoming adoptive parents, they have to meet the requirements. Not only the adoptive father but also the adoptive mother also needs to fill the data

The main requirement for adoption is having a stable financial situation. To be accepted by the adoption agency, people need to have a stable income. Detail information about work and daily activities will be discussed in the letter section.


When filling out a profile, they must fill in the education column. Indeed, the child adoption agency does not provide specific rules regarding educational requirements. However, basically parents with a minimum educational background of college will be prioritized.

The existence of this priority is because parents with a higher education background usually have more knowledge than those who do not receive an education.

Biological parents will prefer to hand it to those who can be trusted. It has to do with the educational background.


In adoptive parents profiles, prospective parents must fill their activities and hobbies both husband and wife. The existence of this information will give a picture to biological parents to recognize its nature at a glance.

As we know, from one’s interests and talents, certain patterns will be obtained. People can even fill all their hobbies.

Besides the hobby, they can tell the reader about their habit at the weekend or weekday. Make sure it is a positive activity so that the biological parent can entrust them.


Not only basic information but also provide some of the best photos they have. The foster family must prepare the best and formal photos. From the picture, they can see how the characteristics of these parents.

People should use the best high-resolution photos, so that, the chances of getting adopted children get faster. Do not just attach one photo, but put a few pictures.

It makes the potential of being chosen is getting bigger. Make sure the photo quality is clear and good.


In adoptive parents profiles, people must fill in about the environment of residence ranging from living in which city to ownership of the building whether their own house or apartment.

Additionally, they must explain the sexual orientation of both husband and wife. In the environment column, there is information about the presence of pets and children.

Parents who already have their children are also allowed to adopt in certain conditions. The agency will explain this policy.

Preference for a Child

People need to fill in the wishes of the characteristics of the child they want to adopt such as wanting a boy, a girl, or both. Furthermore, they can choose the age or race. This section is an option because some people don’t want specifics characteristics.

The existence of a preference for a child will make it easier for biological parents when choosing adoptive parents. By providing specifics, they can get adopted children as they wish.

When writing it, they can provide detailed information, for example, wanting to have a baby aged a maximum of 1 year.4

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They also need to provide more detailed information about themselves and their partner. Biological parents will read this section.

So, they can get to know more deeply. The story relates to daily life and why they want to have adopted children.

To make it look more interesting, they should tell about hobbies and daily life. In addition, make sure they write about the wishes of adoption and comfort when handing over his child to their family. Here, they have to convince the biological parent.

Level of Openness

The adoptive parents must explain the plans that they want for the adoptee. This column specifically contains activities that are shared with biological parents. For example, he will inform important activities and provide photos of the adopted child.

After that, there is information about whether there is a short visit by biological parents or not. The provision of this information must be accurate.

So, biological parents can entrust their children to their families. Sometimes it is a big consideration when choosing foster parents.


After writing down all the information, then, people must prepare a number in the contact form. It’s best to prepare an email and phone number at a minimum.

If there are parents who are interested in their family profile, the agency will contact the number.

Make sure the number they put into the agency is an active number. So, they can facilitate the process of introducing biological parents and their families.

Generally, if anyone is interested in his profile, the agency will provide information as soon as possible.

Those are some things that need to be filled when creating an adoptive parents profiles. It is best to fill in honestly about his family’s condition so that the biological parents can know accurately. Actually the requirements are not too difficult, but be sure to ask the agent in detail.

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