Adoptive Parents: All The Things That You Need to Know

Nowadays, the existence of adoptive parents is very important. They become the savior of children who do not have biological parents.

Besides, the foster family can keep the children well in their life. So, it is very significant to look for adoptive parents in fulfilling the children’s needs.

Adoptive Parents Definition

The are many people who do not really understand well about adoptive parents. Whereas, this term is very popular in this era.

This problem occurs because the information about it is not complete. So, people just understand it with their own thinking.

To overcome this phenomenon here will be explained clearly about adoptive parents. Basically, it is a term for the parents that keep the children from other families.

It occurs when the children’s parents passed away. Furthermore, it is also appropriate when foster families want to fulfill their needs.

Adoptive parents do not always contain the father and mother completely. But, it can be one of them only. The role of adoptive parents here is also like the biological father or mother.

The difference is that they do not give birth to them directly. Thus, there is no blood relation between them and the adoptee.

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How to Become the Adoptive Parents?

There many prerequisites and steps if someone wants to be the adoptive parents. It is widely known that to be the legal father and legal mother.

Still, fulfilling government adoption law is a must. So, there the requirements that must be fulfilled by the foster parents’ candidate before adopting the children.

Adoptive Parents Try to Find the Adoptee Independently

To be adoptive parents, firstly people must try to find the families that want to hand over their children. They can do this way by themselves.

It means that there is no helping from the agency, facilitator, and so on. It makes people freely choosing adoptive children.

The people can look for information about adoptive children from many sources. It will be better if the children come from a relative of the adoptive parent’s friends.

The process of adoption will run easier and the background of the children is clear. So, there is no doubtfulness again between both families.

Adoptive Parents Join with Adoption Agency

Sometimes, the foster family cannot look for the adoptive son or daughter independently because of many reasons. they can cooperate with the agency.

The agency will help adoptive parents during the process of adoption. If there is a child, the agency will give the information to them directly. Hence, they just wait for the information from the agency.

After that, the agency will help the applicants to investigate the children’s family. This step is not easy, but it can be done well by the agency’s guiding.

After the people decide to adopt the children, the agency also facilitates training and legal relationship with the new family.

Adoptive Parents Must Fulfill All of the Prerequisites

When adopting the children through the agency, the people must fulfill all of the prerequisites. It aims to make sure that the adoptive parents have the good responsibility.

Besides, these requirements are also existing to know whether they are ready or not in taking care the children.

As we all know, becoming an adoptive parent is not easy. People must be patient and sincere. So, if they do not qualify the requirement, perhaps they can not be an adoptive parent. So, before deciding to adopt the children, please consider it well.

Adoptive Parents Be Willing to Join the Training

The next step to be the adoptive father is about training. This is the obligation that must be joined so that people can be the good parents for children. The training will make the adoptive parents to be more understand about how to keep the children.

Luckily, the training is free and the foster family’s candidate will get knowledge and many experiences. There are so many aspects that will be given in the training include:

  • Parenting
  • Parents management
  • The way to give sincere affection for adoptive children
  • Keeping the baby
  • Keeping children in the teen phase
  • The way to be the good parents that will make the children comfortable
  • The way to overcome the children’s problems

Adoptive Parents Be Willing to Partner with Children’s Family

In adopting the children, the agency will relate the adoptive parents to be to the biological family. It aims to give information about the children’s background and history.

So, They can consider whether it is good or bad. Then, if they dislike with the children’s background, they can reject it.

The relationship between the foster family and children’s biological family is very important. If the family wants to meet the children, the foster parents must give permission. If they can not obey this rule, the will not be accepted as adoptive parents.

Adoptive Parents Profiles

People who want to apply to be adoptive parents must have a certain condition. It becomes the main consideration for the biological parents in choosing the new parents for their children.

So, there are many requirements for people before they are able to be the candidate. 

The Adoptive Parents Must be at Least 21 Years Old

The first requirement that must be obeyed is age. So, if someone wants to apply as the adoptive parents to the agency, minimally they must 21 years old. If the age is lower than 21, automatically they will be rejected.

If people are 21 years old, it means that they can be more responsible with their duties. Thus, it becomes the main prerequisite of being adoptive parents.

Moreover, people also have that stable income so that they can fulfil their adoptive children’s needs.

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Adoptive Parents Must be Healthy

The second requirement of being adoptive parents are about health. Adoptive parents to be must have good health both in the aspect of bodily and mentality.

Healthy is a significant aspect of keeping children as good as possible. If the parents get the illness, they can give attention to the children.

Because of the importance of a healthy family, before applying to be adoptive dad, the applicant’s health will be checked first.

The doctor will do a comprehensive check to diagnose whether there is any disease or not. Besides, the psychologist will also check their mental by using a personality test and interview.

Adoptive Parents Have the Stable Income

The main purpose of children in adopting the parents is to make them fulfill their needs. In this context, the adoptive parents must have the good or stable income.

If they do not have it, automatically they can pay children’s need like education, foods, clothes and so on.

Please considerate about the income before deciding to adopt the children! If parents cannot fulfill the children’s need well, it will make them suffer.

Hence, people must collect more money and prepare all of the needs of life before adopting the children.

Adoptive Parents Have the Stable Marriage

To be the good adoptive parents, the wife, and husband must have a stable marriage. If in their marriage there are complicated problems, they are not focused on keeping the children.

So, that is why the stable marriage becomes one of the requirements. This aspect is very significant during adoption.

Besides, the foster family’s candidate who do not have a stable marriage are very often to contend with each other.

If they also must keep the children from other family, it is very difficult. Indeed, adoptive children can be the victim because of their parent conflict. Therefore, it is very dangerous.

Adoptive Parents Have No Criminal Record

Basically, criminal record has a relationship with people’s character and responsibility. This is the next parameter to measure whether people can be good adoptive parents or not.

If people do not have a criminal record before, it means that they can be foster parents. Furthermore, people who have criminal records do not have stable emotions. In keeping the children, they cannot give sincere affection.

Then, they can also educate children with bad things. Surely, it is very dangerous for children’s growth in the aspect of moral, social, and religious.

Adoptive Parents Understand the Issues in Raising the Children

Every adoptive parent must understand well about parenting styles. Without the knowledge of parenting. They cannot keep and educate the children well.

From time to time, parenting styles change to adapt to the development of the era. So, they must follow it to upgrade their parenting skills.

The foster family also follows the news about children from many countries. It functions to know more parenting system that is appropriate for their adoptive children.

In applying the many parenting models, just take the positive one and leave the bad cultures also morals.

Adoptive Parents Have the Good Education

Education is the last parameter in knowing whether people can act as the responsible and smart adoptive parents.

Good education here means that they have gotten the degree such as bachelor, master and doctor. Not only that, but also they must finish the education about parenting system.

If they have a good education, automatically they can keep the children well. Besides that, they can motivate and support children to be successful people.

They also have a good spirit in fulfilling the children’s needs. So, children can finish their education until university.

Adoptive Parents Support Groups

In raising the children, adoptive parents need the support group. It has the purpose to share and discuss each other about parenting system and others.

The existence of support group is meaningful to overcome the parents’ problems during taking care children. So, who are the adoptive parents’ support group?

The Group of Single Adoptive Parents

A single mother or father needs more hard work. It is very important to join with the community of single adoptive parents.

There, people can discuss together the best way in raising the children. The purpose is to help them to solve parenting problems. Surely, with the best and simple way.

Specifically, through this group, the single mother or father can learn from other people’s experiences.

Of course, it is about the difficulties to be a single parent. Finally, if people truly learn and get other experiences, they will be successful in educating the children.

The Group of Couple Adoptive Parents

This group actually is purposed for couple of adoptive parents. It is possible for single parents to join and learn their experiences here.

By joining this group, they can be more confident in raising the children daily. They will get new knowledge that is not received yet before. Next, they must implement it as well as possible so that the children feel comfortable. 

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The Group of Parenting Expert

Joining with parenting expert group is very significant for adoptive parents especially if they are still beginner in raising children.

In this group, people will get many techniques and methods for educating children easily. It is very meaningful to be implemented in daily life. There are so much educations given.

Now, there are many online group parenting experts such as social media, webinars, chat groups, and websites. People can join with them freely.

Do not waste this opportunity from the parenting expert! As a foster family, please always learn about parenting styles and upgrade the knowledge routinely!

The Group of Adoptive Parents Training

Occasionally, adoptive parents need to join the training group even though they already have many experiences. This training will give the new knowledge how to act as an adoptive parent well.

Also, by joining the group training, people can know other parents and share the experiences with them.

Here, adoptive parents will be educated to be sincere parents who do not expect the money in raising children.

Becoming a sincere parent for foreign children is very difficult. Therefore, in making it easier, they must join the training and discuss with others to get the solution.

How to Look for the Adoptive Parents?

Nowadays, there are many families who want to find adoptive parents for their children. This condition occurs because of many reasons such as health, income and so on. The biological family must conduct many steps so that children can get good foster parents.

Partner with Adoption Agency

The easiest way in looking for adoptive parents is to make collaboration with adoption agencies.

The adoption agency will accompany both of biological and the foster dad or mother during the process of adoption. Besides, they also give training and consultation as much as possible.

The agency can make both of the families more comfortable. It will let them know each other before deciding to adopt the children.

Moreover, the agency will also screen the applicant’s health, financial and family. If the biological parents accept it, the agency can manage all of the procedures.

Partner with Adoption Facilitator

The second choice is to collaborate with an adoption facilitator. The role of the adoption facilitator here as the connector between biological parents and adoptive family Through adoption facilitator all of the processes of adoption running well.

They can help with parents’ problems and give solutions. If a biological family wants to find the adoptive parents for their baby, the facilitator can help it by conducting advertisements.

All of the content of advertisements are prepared well by the facilitator. Then, when there are people who interested in adopting the baby, they can directly call the biological parents.

Partner with Family or Friend

Actually, the best way to find out the adoptive parents is a partner with relatives or friends. They are the people that are already close to the biological parents.

It means that both of the families understand well each other in many aspects of life. Probably, they can adopt the children and keep them well.

In giving the children to the family or friends, there is no anxiety that will be happened. It occurs because the people’s affection can appear directly to the baby.

Then, the background of the baby is very clear so adoptive parents can fulfill their needs and keep them sincerely.

Doing Advertisement in Social Media

As biological parents who will find adoptive parents, utilizing social media is one of the easy ways. In this era, people can get information and advertise something through social media.

It is also appropriate to find the candidates for the children. This is a simple way and does not need any requirement.

On the other hand, looking for adoptive parents through social media also has many risks. These are about deception, extortion, and other crimes.

So, if the biological parents decide to make advertisements for adoption in social media, they must be very careful.  Do not trust other people too fast!

Adoptive Mother


Does anyone know about the adoptive mother? Actually, this term is for a single mother who adopts the children from another family.

She does her role individually without the help from her husband. So, the term adoptive mother is appropriate for both widow and the virgin girl who adopt children.

Then, the roles of adoptive mother for the children are as follows:

Act as a Biological Mother

Although the role of biological mothers is absolute, as an adoptive mother she can replace their role in taking care of the children.

An adoptive mother must act as well as possible in aspects of parenting include education, morality, personality, and so on. It must be run constantly as long as keeping the children.

If an adoptive mother cannot act as the biological mother, it will make the children’s life is in chaos. The mother who does not give the attention can make the children frustration.

So, they will do anything that they want freely. Later, this situation creates the children that have a bad personality.

Fulfill the Children’s Need

If she decides to adopt the children, automatically she is able to fulfill the children’s needs. In this context, the adoptive mother will also conduct this.

Please be responsible for completing all of the children’s needs! The numbers are very complex for education, clothes, food and other daily necessities.

Everyone must know that children’s needs are excessive. So, make sure that there are enough money and income to fulfill it.

If people cannot give all of the necessities, it will be better if give the children’s parenting right to other people. Children must live better with their adoptive mother.

Keep and Make Sure the Children in Safety Conditions

Besides act as a biological parent and fulfill the children’s needs, an foster mother must keep the children in safety conditions.

She must educate them smoothly, but wisely. Do not give the children body punishment if they make faults because it is very dangerous for their safety.

It will be better if the adoptive mother keeps and educate the children with sincere affection. By this method, the children’s hearts will be touched.

Then, they can realize by themselves toward the good and bad things. Also, children can give appreciation to their mother.

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Adoptive Father

Adoptive father is an alias name for an adoptive parent. However, this is more directed at men who adopt a child.

In a family relationship, he acts as a substitute for the biological father. So, he must meet the needs of the child, both in terms of psychological or material.

Here are some of the responsibilities of an adoptive father.

Give Love Like His Own Child

Every child needs love from a father even though he is not a biological child. The foster father is obliged to give sincere affection to his child.

He must promise to love and love the child until he grows up. Even though he has biological children, he must not distinguish between one another’s affections.

Meeting Daily Needs

As the head of the family, the adoptive father must also fulfill the child’s daily needs. Starting from the needs of shelter, clothing, food, and so on. Although it is only simple, he must try so that the child is not faltering or cold.

Providing Decent Education

In addition to meeting the basic needs of children, adoptive fathers must also provide the best education. Moreover, education must be given to anyone.

The child’s rights must not be taken away for economic reasons. At the very least, children feel that they are in school up to high school level.

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Single Adoptive Parents

Single adoptive parents relate to someone who adopts and keeps the children individually without the couple. It can be the mother or father only.

As a single warrior, they must act to be both of the father and mother immediately at the same time. So, only strong people can do this.

Keeping the children and educate them to be the successful people is not easy. Here, the single father or mother will prove that they can do it independently. Therefore, the role of single adoptive parents is heavier than the complete family.

Every day in daily life the single mother or father must work, keep the children, and do all the workhouse. It actually will make them very tired, but because of the sincere affection, they can do it happily.

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How Much Money Do Adoptive Parents Receive?

It is widely known that in certain countries adoptive parents can get the money from the agency or children’s family. Because of this reason, there are many people who want to be a candidate.

The fee that adoptive parents receive here is different. The numbers given are based on the agreement.

The Money per Day

Someone who has the role as an adoptive parent can get the money per day. The numbers are between $20-$25 per day.

By receiving the fee, the adoptive parents must keep the children well. They also have to fulfil all of the children’s need like pampers, milk, food and so on.

The fee given to foster families actually can pay their extraordinary work. It is just as an appreciation of them. Basically, their role as an adoptive parent is very difficult.

They must keep the children in which it will spend many times. Then, they also have the strength and patience both of personality and mentality.

The Money per Hour

Adoptive parents can get the money per hour at least $1. It is for them who have the duty to keep the children since the biological parents go work.

They must take care of the children and have the responsibility to keep the children’s safety. Thus, the role of adoptive parents per hour is also difficult and appear a big risk.

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Adoptive Parents Rights

As adoptive parents, people automatically will receive their rights before and after the adoption process. It is given as the consideration and education for them in keeping and fulfilling the children’s needs.

The rights here functions to make them know more about the children and how to keep them.

Receiving the Training and Consultation Before and During the Adoption

The adoptive parents must receive the training and consultation. It must be given by the agency to them.

The functions of training and consultations are to make them understand more about the system of adoption. Therefore, it is very important to do during the adoption.

If the adoptive parents do not receive the training and consultation, they can ask it to the agency. Then, if the agency does not give this facilitation, it will be better to look for the other agency.

Surely, choose the agency of adoption children that make the adoptive parents comfort.

Asking Questions and Receiving the Answers from the Agency

The adoptive parents can ask questions about the system of adoption and children to the agency. It is free and becomes their rights.

Do not feel shy or scared to deliver the question related to things that do not understand yet. The agency will answer those questions as well as possible.

Besides asking the questions, receiving clear answers from the agency is also the rights of adoptive parents.

If the answers from the agency are not clear and understandable, please confirm to them. Make sure that all of the information is logical, understandable, and give positive knowledge.

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Knowing About Condition of the Children

It is not only about the children, but also their family. In this context, the adoptive parents can get the information from the agency or surveying the children’s family by themselves.

The adoptive father must conduct it well. Please observe them in detail and do the good steps.

Do not make a decision too fast. But, think it carefully with many considerations. If the condition of children bad or they are not appropriate with the expectation, just leave them.

Severing the Children’s Legal Relationship with Their Biological Parents

The adoptive father can sever their legal relationship from the biological parents. It means that the children will be in the upbringing of adoptive father thoroughly. It will be legalized by the rule of the government.

In fact, the children have been severed by the biological parents formally. But, they cannot be separated from them thoroughly. If the biological parents want to meet the children, please give them permission.

It does not disturb the adoptive parents’ and children’s relationships during all of the activities under the control.

Making the New Legal Relationship Between Children and Adoptive Parents

The adoptive parents must make the new legalization relationship. It is very important for parents in enrolling the relationship with their adoptee as soon as possible. By doing this, there are no people that can judge the relation.

The adoptee must be registered formally by following government rules. So, do not delay in making new legal relationship if there is no problem between both of the families. The family relationship the legality can appear the problem later.

Adoptive parents can help the children in doing all of the activities in their life. To be good ones, they must have sincere affection. Therefore, adoptive parents should be patient and strong when they determine to adopt the children.


In essence, adoptive parents are parents who take custody of a child just like biological children. There are several conditions that must be met when you want to adopt a child. Children must get their rights adequately when getting new parents.

Hopefully, the information about adoptive parents in this article can give knowledge for the reader. This term of children’s parenting actually has been familiar, but many people do not understand it. So, if anyone interested in adopting the children, they have to read and understand the information specifically.

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