Authoritative Parenting: Characteristics and 5 Ways to Implement It

Parentinglogy – Good parenting can provide great results for a child’s attitude and intelligence.

To develop a kid into a good child, parents need to implement authoritative parenting.

This is not easy because many people prefer to order their children according to their wishes.

Authoritative Parenting Definition

Authoritative parenting definition is a parenting style that is in contrast to it.

If authoritarian parenting parents tend to impose their will, in this category parents provide to support children. Thus, they should apply it in real life.

The parenting style is a good method. It will make children more confident. It will also be easier to express their own opinion.

That is because they don’t get coercion from parents. By doing this, they will be more responsible in the future.

Implementing this method is not easy. Moreover, many parents sometimes have a standard given to their children.

Most people want their desires to be fulfilled without understanding their children’s will. It is not good because children have the opportunity to develop as they wish.

The Characteristics of Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting definition

To make children feel more independent in their life, parents should apply this method. It has many aspects that are unique and beneficial.

This parenting style affects more democratic than other types. Here are some of the authoritative parenting characteristics:

1. Parents Recognize the Child as a Person Who is Involved in Decision Making

A good parent must allow his children to make decisions. By providing opportunities to choose, they will be more independent in life.

For example, before going on holiday, parents should give two choices. Then, they ask the children to choose one of them.

This activity will make children happy. That is because they will get the opportunity to choose what they want.

Of course, every choice has its consequences whether it is bad or good. However, it will teach them to get the best lesson in their life.

This parenting style is a little bit different from Asian Parenting. In eastern countries, a child is not likely to decide on his own. All the decisions must be made based on the parents’ will.

2. Children Negotiate With Their Parent

When parents apply this method, teenagers learn to make decisions in their life. When children find problems, they will discuss them with their parents.

Authoritative parents emphasize the importance of rules and their values. They are also willing to listen and negotiate with children.

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If the children can be extroverted toward their parents, the communication between the two of them will be easier. Finally, they can reduce the existing obstacles in the family.

That is because the child and parents have a close relationship. When the relationship is strong enough, the problem in the family is getting smaller.

3. Regulate Children by Implementing Rules in Democratic Way

Raising a child is not easy, but parents should know how to treat their kids. That is why parents should prioritize aspects of democracy in the family.

By doing that, the children will be more mature, so, that they will obey the rules. When parents implement an authoritative method, they tend to be obedient.

The more the child is banned, the more he will defy. To make children understand the rule, explain to them there is an order that they have to obey.

Tell them about the consequences when they break the regulation. Slowly, they will realize that obeying the rule is important.

4. Be Realistic about Children

Many people believe that raising a child is tough. Unfortunately, many parents force their will on their children. They should understand and be more realistic with their kids.

They are expected to recognize children’s talents. If it is done correctly, the child will grow into a talented child.

The research shows children who have parental support from childhood will be more successful than those who don’t.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand that every child is unique.

Not everyone has academic intelligence. Some people have talent in arts such as dancing, singing, and painting.

How to Implement Authoritative Parenting

authoritative parenting style

Parenting is a lifelong lesson. It is not an exact science. However, parents can try several ways to make their children more developed.

Here are four positive child-raising methods tips that will help someone conducting authoritative parenting:

1. Try to Understand the Children

If parents want to implement authoritative parenting, they have to listen to their children’s voices.

If children feel respected, they will respect their parents. Parents should often talk to their kids about everything. So, they will understand their feeling.

The parents need to make their children feel comfortable by considering their opinion. For example, when the family moves to another city, they need to ask about their kid’s feelings.

Ask them how they feel about that. It is very important because it is not easy to leave town. Not much different from Permissive Parenting Style that we already know, we should treat our children as a ‘real’ part of the family.

2. Teach Them Life Lessons Wisely              

One of the best ways to implement this method is to teach him life lessons well. Parents should avoid hitting their children for making mistakes.

Instead of beating him, it is better to confiscate video games for a while. Then, the parent can return it to them on one condition.

As an example is what parents can say to their children like this, “You can have your video games after getting your homework done every day this month.”

By telling the regulation, they will be more responsible for their mistakes. This parenting system makes the children obey the rule indirectly.

Eventually, they will understand life lessons. Responsible for what they do, and respect for parents. Even if, the parents are their adoptive father or adoptive mother.

3. Give Them Freedom with Responsibility

Authoritative parenting advantages are a good way for children because parents free up children to explore the surrounding environment. Automatically, they can learn directly.

However, children are still under the supervision of their parents. To keep them obeying the rules, parents should apply clear boundaries to children.

With this, they will be responsible for themselves and others. Of course, they will be more confident. This empowers children and will prepare them to make bigger decisions in the future.

For example, parents give them an option of whether they sweep the floor before or after having lunch.

4. Explain the Rule Clearly

Explain in simple language why every rule needs to be applied, for example, the rule of brushing his teeth before going to bed is there so that his teeth do not hurt or the rule of getting up at 8 o’clock every morning is there so that he does not come to school late.

Discuss together the consequences that the children must face if he violates the rules.

5. Take mistakes as lessons

Make mistakes as a learning opportunity for the children. If he makes a mistake, give it consequences according to the propriety.

But remember, it is not allowed to give corporal punishment.

Implementing authoritative parenting is not easy. However, parents should realize that it makes children respect their parents and be independent.

If you still feel difficult to implement it, you can join a parenting skill class near you and consult what parenting problems you have.

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