Summer to Fall: How To Help Your Family Transition Peacefully

A lot happens in August every year. Your children prepare to return to school, the weather starts cooling and you all experience major schedule changes. These disruptions can cause anxiety and anticipation, and the warring emotions can feel overwhelming. You may think that OTC anxiety medication will solve the problem, but you can also find other ways to transition peacefully from one season to the next.

Open Communication

One of the best things you can do for your family and all of your mental health includes pursuing open, honest communication. When you share your thoughts and feelings with your children, they feel more comfortable sharing theirs with you. In addition, you should ask open-ended questions. Find out how their days went, what they struggled with and how they overcame challenges.

Always try to keep your communication positive. Encourage them when they experience failures, and help them do better next time.

Reflect on the Summer

Take time to reflect back on all the summer activities you did together and the things your children accomplished. Make sure you focus on the positive things that happened. Children tend to remember negative or hurtful things, and you want to get their minds off these things. You should emphasize even the smallest accomplishments.

You may even encourage your family to journal about their favorite summer activities and memories. Then, build a photo collage that reflects these memories.

Create a Schedule

Start getting your children ready for their bedtimes and wake-up times. Sit down and build a schedule, especially if your kids have extracurricular activities. Try to keep meals at the same time each day, and set times for specific activities, such as homework, chores and TV time. A regular routine and knowing what comes next reduces anxiety, so post the schedule for the entire family to see.

Prepare in Advance

Search for anxiety, fear and disappointment triggers. Discuss them with your family, and help them develop coping mechanisms for these emotions. You should also research any over-the-counter solutions, e.g., Brillia medication reviews, if you or your children need a little extra help. It is always best to prepare for possible challenges.


Add some fun to the end of the season and celebrate the summer and the beginning of fall. You can go on a camping trip, do a fun local activity or just have a big BBQ. You can work school into your celebration by creating a scavenger hunt for your kids to find fun back-to-school items. Choose an activity that feels like a celebration.

Embrace Fall Activities

Fall is an amazing season with lots of fun activities. As you store your summer gear, get out your autumn gear and talk about what you can do during this season. Encourage your children to pursue new or existing hobbies. Create space in your home for new craft projects.

Plan outdoor events that you can do during shorter days, such as jumping in leaf piles, picking up leaves for craft projects, hiking fall trails or harvesting yummy fruits and vegetables. You may even light a fire and cook some smores or go on a hayride.

If your children experience unease, search for natural remedies for anxiety in teenage girl in addition to testing these tips for a smooth transition.

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