6 Negative Effects of Single Parenting on a Child

Raising children is not easy for a single fighter. Now, the perspective of these phenomena is changing. People see them as strong mothers or fathers. However, it cannot be denied that there will be negative effects of single parenting on a child.

Some Negative Effects of Single Parenting on a Child

In married life, not every parent wants to make their child a victim of various problems that exist. One of them is divorce. However, this often makes the child hurt, suffer, become depressed, and so on.

If parents do not want to take full responsibility, then there are a number of impacts such as the following.

1. The emergence of emotional problems in children

In a number of divorce cases, it will cause emotional problems for children.

What this means is that when there is a mismatch between their parents, children tend to be confused about how to express their feelings if they have difficulty choosing between father or mother.

The decision to choose one of the parents is the most painful moment for the child. Maybe if you were a child, it would not cause major trauma.

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However, if they had understood this kind of situation, surely many thoughts would arise, as the cause of this divorce was theirs. That is how single parenting affects the child.

2. There is no Quality Time Together

negative effects of single parenting on a child statistics

Single parents of course have a heavy burden of caring for their own children.

Either father or mother will tend to be busy with jobs to meet the various needs of life together. Therefore, with that, there is no quality time to spend together.

Quality time between parents and children is very important. It is at this time that the two of them will understand each other.

Tells stories of happiness, sadness, and grievances. After that, provide solutions to each other. This form of small activity has a huge impact.

3. Financial Problem

The most common problem when people ask how does single parenting affect a child is about financial adequacy.

The occurrence of divorce in a household will have a negative impact on taking care of a child as a single parent.

If you become a member of a family that does not have a steady income or job, then there will be a big problem about how to be self-sufficient with your children.

In cases that do not have high tension, one member can help financially.

However, if not, that means you have to work hard and rack your brains about how to get an income or a job. Therefore, it requires extra patience and self-strength.

4. Children Have a Poor Performance

It cannot be denied if the negative effects of single parents on divorce cases make the child have a bad performance.

This can be found in a number of aspects, such as school, hobbies/interests, and many more. It may be simple, but they really lose their enthusiasm.

Knowing if a single parent is miserable, troubled, and sad can make them feel it too. This can have far-reaching consequences for their psychology.

Children tend to lose their interest in anything. Meanwhile, the worst part is that some parents cannot understand it.

5. Having No Time With Both Parents

Divorce cases often cause meeting times between the child and the parents to be rare.

Very often, one parent is busy with their new life. In fact, a high ego is a big wall that can have an impact on children’s lives in the future.

When children begin to realize that their family is no longer complete, they will feel very hurt.

Children tend to shut down, even though they have a deep desire to meet, talk together, or pick them up from school. These little things can never be said again.

6. Children Often Rebellious Against Parents

The next negative effects of single parenting on a child is that children often rebel against their parents.

The pent-up feelings so far where they are silent, have no interest, and others can have an impact on their behavior, which is why they often rebel.

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Children also have difficulty controlling their emotions. This is the result of a lack of strength to express feelings.

They are more to be quiet, do not like to hang out, stay away from the crowd, and are selfish. These negative effects can be very severe if parents do not act immediately.

Struggles of Single Parenting and How to Solve Them

negative effects of single parenting on a child

Single parenting is difficult but it is not something that people can give up. This situation, of course, happens based on the best decision from both parents. But, there are some struggles or difficulties that they may face in the future, just like these examples.

1. Financials

The problem that single parents should strive for first is finance. After the divorce, of course you have to face difficult situations in order to stay alive and fight for the lives of children.

This situation can be even more difficult for single mothers who do not have a steady job and income.

If you are the only one struggling to support the children, never give up. Look at the condition of your child who still has a long future.

That way, it can be motivation. Do a job that is still able to monitor the condition of the children and does not require a lot of capital.

2. Difficulty Making Decisions

Being a single parent means that you have to make sure things are going well. However, the hardest part is making decisions.

If the family is intact, it can hold discussions about what will be taken for the future, such as children’s schooling, education savings, and so on.

To be able to overcome this problem, you can learn from the closest people, such as family (father and mother), relatives, close friends, and others. One of the best ways is to learn about this on the internet.

In various forums, there is usually a discussion about solving problem-making decisions for single parents.

3. Feel lonely

After the moment of divorce, you must feel lonely. This is very natural. Usually single parents tend to shut down and slowly move out of social life.

However, it is necessary to remember again that feelings like this should not control themselves so that they forget the responsibility of caring for children.

In overcoming this problem of loneliness, you can invite your closest friends to come over to your house. In addition, it is best to take the time to be closer to the children. Make everything in the house comfortable.

4. Feeling Anxiety

A single fighter has a heavier life load. They have to face work situations with a new status. A new life like this will give you a sense of anxiety.

You can often think harder, worry, and have similar feelings. Some single parents will feel so hard through this situation.

It does not have to be every day you do work. To reduce anxiety, create a quality time schedule with your child or yourself. Do things that refresh your mind, make you relax, and make you happy. This struggle can definitely be overcome.

5. Blame and Responsibility

Divorce is a very taboo thing in society. Especially for single mothers who often get judgments from many people.

Feelings of distress and being underestimated can have the effect of fear and reports of whether to continue living with the children.

You do not have to worry about this anymore. Instill in yourself a principle that parenting your own children is not a mistake that should be a burden.

Just live your own way. Limit your use of social media to make it calmer and less affected by bad comments. Also, focus on the children’s future.

Doing a divorce because of a joint decision should make a commitment to pay more attention to children.

However, this incident will still have some negative effects of single parenting on a child. You have to keep fighting and do not give up on the situation. All can be passed well

Break Free from the Negative Effects of Single Parenting on a Child

Sociologists warn that many children of single parents are having a higher chance of being poor, committing crimes, or drugs problem. However, single-parent homes now have higher incomes compared to the past.

Henry Ricciuti, an expert on early childhood development, concludes that being a single parent does not have to always come with negative effects on a child.

What matters most, he said, is the mother’s education and ability level, family income, and the quality of the home environment.

Children who only have one parent are not at all doomed to poverty, criminal lives, or problematic adulthood. Spending quality one-on-one time with your kids will help you develop a unique bond that may come out stronger than the average bond between a child and their two parents.

To reduce the negative effects of single parenting on a child, you may:

  • Take care of yourself – Set routines to make yourself happy and contented. It may include eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and giving yourself a rest from your child.
  • Don’t feel guilty – You don’t need to blame yourself for your kid’s absent father or mother and spoil your child to make up for being a single parent.
  • Show love – Praise your child often. Give him or her your love and support. Although it’s hard, make sure to spend time with your child, even if it’s only to read or sit.
  • Stay positive – Be honest with your child when things (or even you) are not okay, but tell them that things will get better. You may also give your child responsibility according to his or her age and not put your expectation too high on your child.
  • Include members of the opposite sex who are not romantic partners – You can send a positive message about the opposite sex if you are raising a child alone by sharing an example of a member of the opposite sex who doesn’t fit the negative stereotype.


Some research has shown that teenagers raised in single-parent households have higher risks of depression and lower self-esteem.

Make sure you recognize the early sign of depression such as social isolation, feeling sad, alone, unloved, disliking his or her looks, irritability, and a sense of hopelessness.

If you are unsure what to do, consult a child counselor or family therapist to help you and your child talk about difficulties, fears, or concerns. Communication is essential to keep your and his or her well-being.


Every decision comes with a price and a prize. Being a single parent is not easy, and being aware of the negative effects of single parenting on a child can help you identify the problem before it roots.

Recognizing the early signs of rising difficulties can help you avoid the consequences later on and raise your kid to be the best version of himself, even though you are a single parent.

Being a single parent can be challenging and scary at the same time. But it can be the most rewarding experience you may encounter. Lessen your stress and help your child grow by showing him or her your unconditional love and care.

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