11 Old-Fashioned Discipline Methods That Still Works on Today’s Kids

Parentinglogy.comParents have had different methods to discipline their kids. Some of those methods still work to help you discipline your children. In this article, we discuss 11 old-fashioned discipline methods that still work on today’s kids.

There are lots of parents who give their children punishments for acting bad or doing something wrong.

Times have changed but there are still some traditional old-fashioned discipline methods that the previous generations used which are very effective, according to experts. 

There are other modern approaches also but if you want to be efficient and really get your message across then you might as well stick with the old ways.

Some of these are visual deterrents, corporal punishment, and withdrawal of privileges. 

All you have to do is to come up with the right discipline method that will work in your household. Every family is unique in its own way so what works for other families might not necessarily work for yours.

Here are 11 punishment old-fashioned discipline methods that still work today.

1. Visual Deterrents

this is a method where parents have certain visual things in the home that will let their children know what they expect from them so their bad behavior will not be repeated. 

Some of these include having a mirror on the front door or a picture of a saint above their door. 

There is no scientific evidence that this works but it does give you peace of mind and for some parents, that’s enough to believe it works.

2. Corporal Punishment 

corporal punishment old fashioned discipline methods
punishment old fashioned discipline methods

Types of corporal punishments can be used according to the needs.

Spanking is the most common type of corporal punishment used by parents today because this corporal punishment old-fashioned discipline method is the easiest and most convenient. 

While it does not always work, there are parents who swear by this method, especially if done in moderation.

3. Withdrawal of Privileges

It is when you give something that your child likes or likes to do which you then take away from them as punishment. 

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You can also use this method to reinforce good behavior by giving them the privilege again once they behave well for a certain amount of time.

4. Removing the Temptation

There are some things that you can’t take away from your kids for punishment such as their video games or the internet. 

The solution to this is to lock these items in a box and hide it somewhere else in the house. 

However, make sure you give them another thing to do instead like reading books and playing outside more often.

5. Make Them Do Good Deeds

old-fashioned discipline methods for kids

Every parent wishes that their kids will do something nice to others without even being asked. The problem with this is, that it doesn’t always work. 

However, there are ways to make them want to do more good things like volunteering at a shelter or helping out with other chores around the house like cleaning the windows and vacuuming the floor.

6. Grandparents 

old school old fashioned discipline methods

It is said that grandparents have a lot of pull on kids because they are nicer than their parents and more fun to be with. 

When you want your kid to behave, ask for help from your own parents or in-laws. 

They will do anything for their grandchildren so don’t be afraid to let them take over for a little while.

7. Deal With the Root of the Problem 

As parents, we want instant results from our discipline methods but sometimes it is hard to see immediate changes in behavior. 

In cases like this, you have to deal with the cause instead of just focusing on removing the bad behavior. 

The first thing you do is to talk with your child and see why they are behaving badly. There might be something going on in their life that we don’t know about so be sure to ask them.

8. Praise

Even if you don’t want to use corporal punishment, you can still give your kids some sort of praise or reward for when they do something good. 

A simple “thank you” will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

9. Positive Reinforcement

Another method that parents use today is positive reinforcement. This is when you give your child a toy every time they do something good. 

Most kids love to play with toys and will be happy to do anything for one.

10. Natural Consequences

It is when you let your child’s behavior run its course and see what happens naturally. 

If they throw a temper tantrum, then expect them to be alone for a while until they calm down.

11. Control the Environment

old-fashioned discipline methods

There are certain environments that will make kids behave in ways we don’t like. 

One example of this is at a restaurant where kids are squirming around, crying, and asking for food every few minutes. 

You can control this by not bringing your kids to these places at least until they are old enough to behave properly.

if you want to use any discipline method then it has to be consistent. You can’t just be good one day and then turn into a monster the next when your kid acts badly. 

Everyone in the family should follow the same rules and stick to them no matter what happens. This will help make things go a lot smoother

Even if these old-fashioned discipline methods don’t work for your child, never stop trying because there is always a method that will work in your household. Every family is unique in its own way so what works for someone else might not work for you.

There are various methods that parents use to discipline their children these days, some of which are more effective than others. 

Think of other methods. You are not limited to just the four mentioned above. 

You can also come up with your own way of disciplining your kids that will work for your family. 

Just keep in mind that it must be something you are comfortable with and willing to give because if it is too much trouble, then you will find yourself giving up eventually

There are lots of other discipline methods that older parents used that work today which you can find on the internet if you are interested. 


What Are the Types of The Old-Fashioned Discipline Methods?

Discipline is classified into two categories, namely; systematic discipline and behavioral type of discipline.

#1) Systematic Discipline
This method includes the following four types; punishment, reward, time out, and positive reinforcement. Punishment can be physical or non-physical in character. 

The parent employs this form of discipline with the object of causing psychological discomfort to the child. 

The child is made to feel guilty and ashamed of his behavior, thus discouraging him from repeating it.

Reward discipline is a process in which the parent offers some incentives or presents to the child for good or desired behavior. 

Time-out discipline is implemented when a child misbehaves continuously without listening to the parents’ advice. 

The child is asked to go to another room or sit in a specified corner for a specified period of time. 

The idea is to let the child realize his mistake and introspect upon it. The last one is positive reinforcement, which encourages desired behavior by rewarding with praise, gifts, etc. when the child displays good conduct.

#2) Behavioral Discipline
In this form, the parents try to mold their children’s behavior by setting a model before them. 

They share their lifestyle with the child and ask him to follow the same. This type of discipline is based on a reward and punishment system. 
The parents first set good examples for the children to emulate, and then proceed to punish those who deviate from the set model. 

In this system, parents try to be more amiable and friendly with their children rather than being strict and harsh. 

They also ensure that there is healthy communication going on between them which encourages a free flow of thoughts from one person to another. 

The most important aspect that behavioral discipline focuses upon is respect towards elders, love for one’s parents, good behavior with friends, being supportive towards the family members, etc.


No matter what discipline method you use, always remember to be patient with your kids because it is not easy for them to learn new things all at once. 

Always set a good example for your children so that they will follow the same when they become parents themselves in the future.

Extreme forms of punishment are not encouraged in behavioral discipline as they may have a negative effect on the children. 

The use of positive reinforcement is also limited here to correct any deviated behavior that comes up now and then. 

Parents can give their kids some rewards or privileges when the child displays good behavior.

It is always better to be nice and strict at the same time with your children.

It will not only help them in improving their behavior but also have a positive effect on their personality development. 

A combination of reward and old-fashioned discipline methods may reap excellent results in shaping up your child’s future years, particularly during his teen years.

The most important thing is to deal with your kids in a nice and polite manner and show lots of affection to them. 

It will help create a proper bonding between the family members and inspire love and respect for each other.

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