Single Adoptive Parents: Obstacles and Advice

Being a single adoptive parents has many obstacles. Indeed, many adoption agencies only allow married couples to adopt children.

However, sometimes the agency allows someone who has capabilities to have an adopted baby. If people feel interested in doing adoption, they must know some advice.

The Obstacles of Being Single Adoptive Parents

Being a single adoptive parent without a partner is difficult. Various challenges are ranging from mental stress to assess the environment.

If someone feels interested and is able to adopt a child, he is better to consider many things. It is the single adoptive parents definition.

He must understand how to overcome the various obstacles that he might face when becoming a parent. Furthermore, he must also look for agencies that are willing to adopt the child.

Unfortunately, there are only a few agencies that allow it because most of the requirements are only for married couples.

This policy is because a complete family will give complete love too. However, it does not mean that someone single cannot adopt children. Now, some adoption agencies allow people to adopt because the need for foster parents is increasing each year.

The adoption agency usually provides pretty strict requirements. These rules aim to keep children getting enough love from the single adoptive parent. Therefore, they should understand the terms and conditions that apply to the agency.

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Some Advice for Single Adoptive Parents

Before adopting, you should understand the various obstacles that might be given. One of them is getting inappropriate treatment from society.

Single adoptive parents are sometimes less desirable parents than married couples. That is because people think they cannot adopt children well

Join Adoptive Parent Support Group

Before adopting, people should join the single adoptive parents support groups. It is very important because he can listen to people who are also single adoptive parents.

It’s not hard to find it since people can find the announcement on the internet. If people want to join the group, they have to search the internet.

The groups allow other adoptive parents to join. In this group, someone can receive some knowledge about how to care for adopted children.

Besides, he can also ask a few things that have slipped his mind. If he joins the group, he can prepare about how to be a good adoptive parent.

Prepare Financial

One of the things that single adoptive parents have to prepare finance. He must realize that caring for a child costs a lot, especially for single parents.

That is because the cost will automatically be borne by him. Moreover, the agency always considers finance as one of the requirements of adoption.

Before deciding to adopt a child, someone has to prepare plenty of money. If his income is very stable, then he has nothing to worry about.

So, the possibility he gets an adopted child is even greater. When he has enough income, the adopted child will feel safe and not lacking in anything.

Find Someone Who Can Support

Being a single adoptive parent is not easy because it has many challenges. To avoid feeling exhausted or stressed when caring for the child, he should find someone who can support him.

He can choose a close friend or one of his relatives. This method can overcome the burden that he has.

Sometimes he will be exhausted when taking care of the adopted child. Thus, he needs someone who can support him and helps him to take care of the child at certain times.

If something bad happens, he will not be alone because he has a friend who supports him.

Try to Deal with Public Perception

To be a good single adoptive parent, he has to ignore the bad perception of the others. The society might give poor judges for single adoptive parents.

If it happens, he should prepare his mind, so when people judge him, it doesn’t affect him.

Besides, someone should feel confident and well prepared. If he can keep his mindset strong, the judgment from other people doesn’t affect him. Trying to deal with this is not easy, but he must realize that a judgmental society can destroy someone’s life.


Taking care of a child requires many things such as money, love, and some equipment. When someone plans to become a single adoptive parent.

He should make self-evaluation and has to consider everything like a financial condition and mental preparation.

He also has to think of his health. Is he healthy enough to raise a kid? Does he have enough time to raise a child? Without self-evaluation, he might find some difficulties in raising an adopted child.

When he evaluates his condition, he will know whether he is a good single adoptive parent or not.

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Prepare Plan B                                                  

As a single adoptive parents, someone needs plan B in every situation. He needs it because he cannot ask his partner.

To solve this problem, he should prepare for the second plan and try to connect with family. Sister or mother can help him to raise the kid in a certain time.

Preparing for plan B is important. As much as possible, he must prepare everything alone. If he needs some solutions, he can ask for help from family and agencies.

Furthermore, he can ask other adoptive parents in groups. That is why it is very important to create a good network with the other.

Make Time

One thing people must consider before adopting is to make time for the adopted child. Being a single parents adopting a child must treat the child alone.

If he has to work outside, children will be lonely at home. Meanwhile, the accompanying child has included in the foster parent’s obligation.

Therefore, people must spend more time caring for adopted children. They have to divide between work and their children.

Before deciding to take a child, you should consider this. If the child gets enough love, he will grow very well.

We can say that being a single adoptive parents is not easy. There are some obstacles that he has to face when raising an adopted child. However, he can overcome it by using some tips above. 

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