Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Husband: 23 Cute and Simple Ways

So this morning you’ve realized that you are pregnant. What are the best cute ways to deliver the good news? If you’re short on ideas, here is our top pick of 23 ways to give a surprise pregnancy announcement to husband!

Pregnancy is a joyous time in the lives of many parents-to-be, but it can also be a stressful one.

That’s why it is important for expecting couples to find ways to keep their spirits high during the long nine months before the baby arrives. 

One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant is sharing your excitement with your friends and family.

If you are looking for a way to break the happy news about your pregnancy, but don’t want to wait until the baby has made its big debut, there are lots of creative ways to tell your husband that he is going to be a dad.

If you’re excited to share the news with your spouse, however, be prepared for him or her to get a little nervous. 

Your husband may worry about how the changes in your body will affect his life. He may also worry about whether he has enough resources to support you and your child financially.

Fortunately, there are ways to reassure your husband that everything will be okay. 

If you can prove he has what it takes to handle both the exciting and challenging aspects of parenthood, he’ll get over his fears after a few days or weeks.

You can do this by showering him with loving gestures to show how much you appreciate all of the things he has already done for you. 

Whenever your husband does something great, make a mental note of it and be sure to tell him about it later.

How Soon Should You Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant?

pregnancy announcement to husband ideas

Deciding how soon to give a surprise pregnancy announcement to husband is a personal choice. Some couples decide on a gender reveal party instead of telling the father-to-be directly.

Make sure you know how your husband will react when you tell him the news. 

Some men are very excited about the prospect of becoming fathers, while others might not share this enthusiasm. 

If you’re worried that he may respond negatively to the news, consider waiting until he gets home from work to tell him, or until you can get him alone for a few minutes so he doesn’t feel rushed.

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If you think your husband might react badly to the news, talk about it with his parents or your own. 

They may have some insight into how introducing the idea of parenthood will go over with their son.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas

There are many creative ways to break the news about giving a surprise pregnancy announcement to husband, but some of them are more fun than others. 

Here are a few cute ideas for telling your husband that he’s going to be a father:

#1) Farting Audibles

Your husband probably has a good sense of humor, and he’s going to need it as a parent. 

Consider playing a practical joke on him by faking a gas attack from all of the meals you’ve been eating lately. 

If your pregnancy is at an early stage, this surprise pregnancy announcement to husband could be especially effective.

#2) A Pregnancy Test Surprise

You can also use these ideas for pregnancy announcement to husband as a plot device in a surprise prank that will be even funnier if you choose to do it earlier instead of later into the pregnancy. 

Hide an empty box behind his favorite snacks or beverages and position the positive test strip so he can find it in the morning.

#3) A Car Seat in His Back Seat

Many expecting couples are so excited about their upcoming arrival that they prefer to wait until the baby has been born to start telling people. 

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You can really get creative when you share your news with your husband by making him believe he’s going to be a dad by concealing a baby car seat in his backseat.

#4) A Onesie on the Door Handle

You can limit your husband’s ability to get out of the house during the early days of your pregnancy if you tie a onesie around his door handle and wrap it up with a rubber band. Inside, include a card that says, “I’m out of my mind! -Love, Me.”

#5) Baby Scented Candles

how to announce pregnancy to husband

Your husband might be surprised when he returns home to find some baby-scented candles on the table. 

Let him know that the reason they are burning is that you’re expecting his little bundle of joy. That’s a simple pregnancy announcement to husband.

#6) Handcuffs and a Clue

The next clever pregnancy announcement to husband is to play with your husband’s mind by writing down the words “you’re” and “pregnant” on pieces of paper and hiding them all over the house. 

If he can find all ten, he’ll discover a pair of handcuffs on the bed. Next to them, including a clue that will point him toward the final piece of paper under your pillow.

#7) Some Snacks for His Car

Pregnancy cravings are very real, and you might want to eat everything in sight when they hit you. 

Your husband might need some snacks for his car on the way to work. Include a pregnancy test strip with one of the items so he can share in your excitement when he finds it.

#8) Embrace Your Love of Horror Films

If you and your husband are big fans of horror movies, use them to your advantage. 

After he fantasizes about the next scary film he’ll see with you, casually slip in that you’re pregnant and wait to see his reaction. What a fun pregnancy announcement to husband!

#9) A Doppler During a Trip to the Movies

Your husband may not suspect a thing until you take him to the movies and use a Doppler to introduce him to his baby’s heartbeat. 

Try not to be turned off by his expression when you let him hear the rapid sound.

#10) A Pregnancy Test in His Wallet

A final idea that you might find fun, especially during the later stages of the pregnancy, is to slip a pregnancy test into his wallet.

Your husband will appreciate your ability to keep such a big secret if he finds it before anyone else does.

#11) The Preggo Test Prank

fun pregnancy announcement to husband

If you think your husband would appreciate a practical joke, fake like the pregnancy test strip is positive, and see how he reacts. 

He may get upset at first, but he’ll get over it when you share the news that his suspicions are correct – you’re expecting!

#12) The “Due Date” Surprise

Pregnancy lasts for almost ten months and you and your husband may want to celebrate the due date as a delightful monthly event. 

You can really pull one over on him with this plan by writing down the word “due” everywhere – menus, schedules, etc. Each time he sees it, he’ll have a reminder of what you’re expecting.

#13) Some “Big News” jigsaw puzzle

You can’t go wrong when you conceal the news in some form of entertainment, like a jigsaw puzzle that your husband is working on.

After he’s put the final piece into place, he’ll discover that his life is about to be turned upside down.

#14) A Doodle of Baby Feet on the Wall

Add some excitement to your husband’s morning routine with a doodle of baby feet taped to the bathroom wall–but keep him focused on shaving before he notices it. 

Once he does, he’ll be so happy that he won’t even mind the facial hair growth.

#15) A “Surprise” Sticker on Your Belly

Your husband might understand that something’s up when you walk around with a mysterious sticker on your stomach for several days. 

Once it comes time for the exciting reveal, he’ll be so in love with his unborn child that you can’t help but be happy too.

#16) The “Pregnancy Drawer”

Your husband will lose it when he stumbles across a drawer filled with positive pregnancy tests and keepsakes from baby magazines. 

Once he’s done screaming, you can tell him the truth and have the most exciting event in both of your lives.

#17) A Puzzle That Tells All

You can really pull one over on your husband by hiding the news in a puzzle that he has to figure out before it’s complete. 

Once he’s finally put the pieces together, he’ll be so excited that you can’t wait to tell him it’s true!

#18) Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to husband via a “Useless” Scrap of Paper

If your husband happens to have a lot of junk lying around, you can easily sneak your positive pregnancy test onto the desk. 

Once he finds it, he’ll be so excited that you shouldn’t even break the news to him!

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#19) How about an Old-Fashioned Book?

Your husband will melt when he opens a dusty old book and reads a note from you about his upcoming bundle of joy. 

As a bonus, the book he reads might actually be a cherished classic that’s been missing from his library for years!

#20) Write “Baby” on the Carpet

If your husband is always watching out for damage to the floor, you can use this as a ruse to deliver news of your pregnancy. 

He’ll be so distracted by the possibility that he won’t even notice that you’re about to show him some baby clothes!

#21) A Photo on His Phone

Your husband might be surprised if you carefully place a positive pregnancy test next to his phone before he goes to work. 

Make sure the first words you say when he returns home are, “I’m pregnant.” He should understand very quickly why.

#22) A Sticker on His Car

You can make it seem like your husband’s car is having a baby overnight by placing an ultrasound photo sticker on its back window. 

Attach the stick so that the ultrasound image faces out, and your husband will be excited to learn he’ll soon have two passengers in his vehicle.

#23) A Pregnancy Announcement via a Message on the Mirror

Your husband will be surprised to wake up and see a note from you in the mirror. Make sure it’s written in soap, as this will make it hard for him to ignore. 

In his haste, he might not even notice that the message also includes the news about his new child!


There are countless cute ways to tell a surprise pregnancy announcement to husband. Try not to stay up all night thinking of them, and make sure your husband knows that this news is the most exciting thing to happen in both of your lives.

When your husband discovers the news, you should both be happy that a new member of the family is on the way! 

Make sure he knows how important he is to this journey so that you can all embrace the changes ahead.

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