15 Best, Free, & Fun Things to Do in Sacramento With Kids

Vacations are coming, and your kids just can’t wait to experience new adventures. If you are living close to California, try visiting Sacramento. Here, we have our top 15 best, free, and fun things to do in Sacramento, CA, with Kids!

Parents love to take their kids out into the community for fresh air and activities, but it can be difficult to find inexpensive or free things to do in Sacramento with kids. 

Fun Things to Do in Sacramento With Kids

Here is a list of 23+ things you and your children may enjoy doing while visiting Sacramento:

#1. Fairytale Town

During summer hours (June-August), kids and parents may enjoy Fairytale Town, a theme park consisting of over 30 interactive fairy tale performances and attractions.

Kids and parents may enjoy Fairytale Town’s outdoor play park, which is completely free to enter.

#2. Sacramento Zoo

things to do in Sacramento with kids

Children can look at all sorts of animals from around the world, including tigers, elephants, and monkeys at the Sacramento Zoo.

Admission is free on Wednesdays (starting September 2013). This one will be the best things to do in Sacramento with family.

#3. Sacramento Fire Department Museum

This museum is located downtown and contains a wide range of firefighting equipment, as well as many stories of heroism displayed. Kids love fire trucks!

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This free museum is located downtown in Old Sacramento and contains a wide range of firefighting equipment. Kids love visiting fire stations!

#4. Discovery Museum Garden

This Sacramento children’s museum is always free to enter, and they offer several age-appropriate activities for children. The museum currently offers classes and activities for kids ages 2-12.

There are several kid-friendly activities in the garden, including a maze and a large sandbox for children to play in. Admission is always free at this Sacramento children’s museum!

#5. Crocker Art Museum

things to in Sacramento with family

This museum is great for kids, as it’s housed in an old Victorian mansion and contains exhibits that are kid-friendly, such as famous Californian artists’ works and changing exhibitions.

This place is one of the fun things to do in Sacramento with family.

#6. Maidu Museum & Historic Site

Located along the American River Parkway, the museum is dedicated to the local Maidu tribe. They hold several festivals all year long, and events are free or very inexpensive.

#7. Sacramento Children’s Museum

The next things to do in Sacramento with kids is to visit Sacramento Children’s Museum.

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This large museum located in Downtown Sacramento has several exhibits for children (such as “Grow it!”, an exhibit where kids can play with different types of foods and other objects that grow).

#8. Sacramento State Aquatic Center

fun things to do in Sacramento with family

Head over to the aquatic center to take a swim, or enjoy other fun activities such as scuba diving! The center is open all year round to the public. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera for some great photos!

#9. Wells Fargo History Museum (located in Old Sacramento)

This museum is great for the whole family, and you can easily enjoy it in one hour. The museum has several exhibits that tell about Wells Fargo’s history, including old stagecoach rides.

#10. California State Railroad Museum

This museum features many different types of trains and cars, as well as information on the history of railroads. There are lots of activities here, such as model train workshops and demonstrations.

You can ride a steam train here during the winter months, or take part in other activities such as model train workshops and demonstrations.

#11. Old Sacramento School House Museum

This free museum is located inside the California State Railroad Museum and features an authentic schoolhouse from around 1860. You can also take a guided tour of the 1853 St. Francis Hotel for only $5 per person!

#12. Funderland Funhouse

This amusement park has rides for kids of all ages and is located in the North Natomas area. Check their website for daily special offers!

#13. California Automobile Museum

This museum features numerous cars in its collection, including both classic and modern models. There’s also an antique fire truck on display!

#14 McKinley Park Playground & Rose Garden (Roseville)

Located near the library, this popular playground even has a carousel! The Rose Garden has over 500 roses and is open to the public.

#15. Second Saturday at Powerhouse Science Center (Sacramento)

Every second Saturday of the month, the Powerhouse Science Center in Sacramento offers free admission from 10 am-4 pm for all families! On these days you can also participate in fun science demonstrations.

Tips of Visiting Sacramento With Kids

Remember to purchase a $ 2.00-day pass for parking at any of the above sites – this helps fund Sacramento County parks and recreation and can be purchased at several local store locations or through the website.

The California State Railroad Museum is free on the first Sunday of every month from 1-5 pm. To learn more about our beautiful state, visit these other great places!

The California State Railroad Museum is located in Old Sacramento and offers paid train rides throughout the year.

Also located in Old Sac is the Wells Fargo History Museum, where kids can see what it was like to be a bank teller in the 1800s.

Funderland Funhouse is an amusement park that features rides for all ages! It also has mini-golf and other activities.

Adventure Park USA is another great place near Funderland that’s perfect for kids of all ages, as there are both small and large rope courses available for climbing and traversing.

Due to recent wildfires and record-breaking heatwaves, many outdoor pools have closed. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip around town! 

Special Tips Before You Go to Sacramento With Kids

Sacramento, California has something for everyone. Many of these amazing places are completely free, including fantastic museums and fun playgrounds! Be sure to visit every place on the list if you can; it’s worth seeing what our beautiful state has to offer! 

Remember that many of the above spots require a $ 2.00-day pass for parking, which benefits Sacramento County Parks and Recreation.


Sacramento has something for everyone! Be sure to visit all of the wonderful attractions on this list if you’re in town.

Like many other states, California is home to numerous free museums that are perfect for families with kids. 

Many of these establishments also offer fun activities and events throughout the year–just be sure to check their websites for more information. 

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Sacramento has something for everyone! Be sure to visit all of the wonderful attractions on this list if you’re in town with your kids.

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