7 Best Things to Do in Tulsa With Kids (With or Without Money!)

Once vacation time arrives, some parents have to deal with their kids nagging them to go visit some places. One of the best places to visit with kids in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here, you will see the 7 best things to do in Tulsa with kids – even if you’re tight on the money!

Tulsa is a city located in the state of Oklahoma. It’s best described as an eclectic blend of culture and heritage, with just enough rural charm to keep things interesting. 

If you are looking for fun activities to do with your kids, look no further!

What Is There to Do in Tulsa for Families?

Tulsa has multiple museums and cultural centers. The Philbrook Museum of Art, which was founded in the 1920s, features both pieces from local and international artists alike. 

It is home to more than 7,000 different pieces of fine artwork!

Meanwhile, the Gilcrease Museum features a large number of Native American artifacts that are worth checking out as well. 

Other ideas include visiting one of Tulsa’s stunning parks or taking a trip to their zoo!

What are fun things to do in Tulsa OK, Oklahoma With No Money?

things yo do in tulsa kid friendly

Oklahoma does not require a permit for individuals walking along the back roads, or in state parks. Some people enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. 

If you are looking for something free to do in Tulsa with the kids, try visiting one of their many swimming pools or splash parks. 

There’s no shortage of places to take a break from the heat!

4 Preparation You Need to Do Before Visiting Tulsa, Ok With Kids

#1) Book a child-friendly hotel

Before you travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma with your kids, it is recommended that you book a hotel room because not all places are child-friendly. 

#2) Pack your swimsuits and sunscreen

If you want to get the most out of your trip, be sure to pack your swimsuits and sunscreen so everyone stays cool throughout the day! 

#3) Research 

Before visiting one of their exhibits or historical locations because some things may be too intense for smaller children. 

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As well, find out if there are any interesting events taking place when you plan on arriving in town. This will allow you to create an itinerary that suits all ages in your group!

#4) Prepare for Tulsa weather and choose your visit accordingly

The weather can be quite humid during summertime, but all that evaporates after dark! Temperatures drop quickly at dusk. 

For your best bet on avoiding mosquitos while exploring local parks and lakes, avoid being out close to sunset. 

Other than that, there is nothing more enjoyable than having dinner outdoors on a cool Tulsa night!

7 Best Things to Do in Tulsa With Kids

One of the best ways for families with children to spend time together is by doing fun activities that are both educational and stimulating! 

As the summer months approach, why not get out of your home and discover all that Tulsa has to offer? 

If you are in for some fun activities with your kids in Tulsa, Oklahoma, refer to this list below. We have compiled some best things to do in Tulsa with your children, from visiting the Zoo that could cost a little, to free-yet-still-fun activities!

Check out these best cheap things to do in Tulsa with kids where you can have a wonderful time without breaking the bank!

#1) Visit the Tulsa Zoo

things to do in tulsa with kids

If you are looking for a safe, educational and affordable way to fill your day with fun activities in Tulsa, look no further than the Tulsa Zoo! 

This wonderful center features a wide selection of wildlife from all over the world. It is a fun-filled experience for both adults and children alike.  

Here, you can even get up close and personal with some of their more exotic residents.

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Oklahoma weather can be quite unpredictable at times so it’s best to plan accordingly. 

Make sure that your kids have sunscreen on just in case they want to explore one of their park walking trails or splash parks. This will help keep everyone cool throughout the day!

#2) Bike Rents in Tulsa

Unfortunately, there is typically no way to rent bikes in most airports. 

However, if you do happen to be flying into Tulsa International Airport and have some time on your hands before your next flight, consider renting a bike from one of the many shops near the baggage claim area. 

Also, since there is typically little traffic on secondary roads in rural areas of Oklahoma, walking may turn out to be just as enjoyable! 

Most public libraries will allow patrons to check out books or DVDs that can keep kids entertained for hours at a time! 

And with free admission into Tulsa’s renowned art galleries museums such as the Philbrook and Gilcrease, it is definitely worth checking out!

One such place that offers such activity is the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. 

Here, you can step into the past and discover Tulsa’s aviation history! Everything from old planes that were used in World War II up to the modern-day technological advancements is showcased here. 

Your children will especially love seeing a replica of a lunar module!

#3) Visit Utica Square

free things to do in Tulsa with kids

Utica Square is a popular hotspot for family outings in Tulsa. This beautiful outdoor shopping center features fountains, upscale boutiques, and restaurants which make it an ideal place for people-watching with your kids! 

After taking a peek at all the brand-name shops, ask them if they would like to get some ice cream or frozen yogurt from one of the nearby food establishments. 

You won’t regret this stop because not only does Utica Square have some of the most delightful shopping around, it also features numerous art galleries that will keep kids entertained for hours!

#4) Go on a Hike/Walk in Mohawk Park

Another wonderful place to visit with your family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is Mohawk Park. 

At over 400 acres, there are numerous activities here that you and your children can enjoy while staying active. 

You can choose from walking or hiking trails, a small pond with paddle boats, a playground, and even mini-golfing if you want a more relaxed day out! 

Their Visitor Center has free pamphlets which inform about different locations of interest within the park. 

Since they have been recognized as one of Oklahoma’s best parks by “Oklahoma Magazine,” this is definitely worth checking out!

#5) Rose District Entertainment

After enjoying one of the activities mentioned above, consider taking a break at the Rose District Entertainment area where you can enjoy dinner and drinks. 

There are several theaters and music venues here so if your family loves live entertainment, stop by on any given night! 

For more information about what’s happening at this part of downtown Tulsa, contact the River Spirit Event Group.

#6) Tulsa’s Children’s Museum

For children of all ages, you can’t go wrong with the Tulsa Children’s Museum! 

This museum is especially fun for kids because of its dedication to exhibiting science and art through interactive exhibits, programs, and classes. 

Besides, they regularly host birthday parties which allow young artists to explore their creativity alongside new friends!

#7) Join A Summer Reading Program

If your kids are currently out of school for summer break, consider joining them in one of Tulsa Library System’s popular summer reading programs! 

Enrolling will allow your kids to learn more about books that interest them while earning prizes throughout the program. 

This is just one of the many perks that come with being part of the Tulsa Library System, which is considered one of the top ten libraries in America by “Newsweek.”

For more information about this program or the many other services offered by the Tulsa Library system, visit them online at www.tulsalibrary.org!

Are You Ready for a Family Vacation in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

There you have it, a list of some fun or free things to do in Tulsa with kids that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

As you can see, there are many wonderful places to take your family in Tulsa. So what are you waiting for?

Make sure that you don’t spend all your time stuck inside as this could lead to severe health problems for both kids and adults alike. 

Get out there and explore the wonderful city of Tulsa with your children!


Tulsa has a little bit of everything to offer. Whether you are looking for free activities for children or ways to take advantage of the cooler weather, this wonderful city has something for everyone! 

With its eclectic cuisine and vibrant history, your family will have a blast exploring all the beautiful sights Tulsa has available! 

And don’t worry about getting bored! There is always something fun going on in town. 

In fact, there’s even a zombie paintball hunt that takes place every year during October just in time for Halloween! Congrats on visiting Tulsa with the kids! 

You can find more information on visiting Tulsa at their website: www.visittulsaok.com.

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