10 Best Towels for Toddlers & Hooded Bath Robes

When you think about giving your baby a bath, the first thing that pops into your mind is how to dry them afterward! Yes. You need towels for toddlers and here, we have a buying guide just right for you.

Even though babies don’t stay in the tub for too long, water can still drip from their bodies and make a mess all over. 

That’s why there are special towels designed for this purpose like hooded bathrobes for babies. 

Not only do they keep your baby warm after the bath, but they also come with a hood that protects your baby’s head from getting cold.

Since babies are born, they make their parents’ lives easier. However, when the baby learns how to crawl and starts walking, everything changes.

 Caring for a toddler is exhausting, especially during bath time! Kids may love getting into the water but hate it while you’re busy cleaning their soaking wet bodies. 

Fortunately, there are many products that can make your and your toddler’s life easier during bath time!

Do Toddlers Need Special Towels?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should have a bath twice a week or every day if they are crawling/walking. 

If you know your baby loves water and enjoys baths more than showers, you can bathe him every day without a problem! 

However, if your baby is stubborn and doesn’t enjoy the water that much, you should bathe him twice a week. 

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The AAP recommends washing your baby’s hair once a week only but you can bathe them more often if they love water and play with it all the time, which means that you should add bath time to their list of daily activities.

What Can You Use as Towels for Toddlers?

There are many options out there for different ages! If you’re looking for cute animal hooded towels, you can go with this pack. 

The soft towels come in various nice designs, like lamb (for babies), whale, owl or duck (for toddlers), and fox (for children). 

They feature a front pocket that keeps your baby’s head warm and soft hoods that keep your baby’s neck cozy. They also come in different colors like blue, pink, and grey. 

These towels make perfect shower gifts for new parents and can complement any nursery room design!

The plush bathrobes for toddlers provide extra comfort while keeping the baby warm after a bath. 

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Made from 100% cotton, these towels provide softness and cozy warmth for your little one. In addition, they are available in different colors like beige, blue, brown, and green. 

They also have a unique hood design that keeps the baby’s head warm during those chilly days.

If you’re looking for something less colorful but more practical, the microfiber towels are perfect for your toddler. 

Made from a 100% microfiber fabric, these towels absorb water without leaving a single drop behind. 

They are super soft on the skin and provide comfort after a bath. What’s great about them is that they dry fast which prevents mold and mildew growth. 

These towels come in cute designs like Cow patterns or Owl patterns.

Your toddler may also enjoy wearing a cute animal-themed bathrobe, like this polar bear suit that comes in various colors like yellow, teal blue, and grey.

It features long sleeves to keep the baby’s arms warm plus a hood with ears for extra warmth during extreme weather! 

This suit is 100% waterproof which allows toddlers to enjoy splashing water and playing with balls or toys without taking it off!

A hooded baby towel like this one comes in cute animal patterns like cows, pandas, and monkeys. 

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It’s made from 100% premium quality cotton which provides softness and extra comfort after a bath. 

The special long sleeves make this towel perfect for both girls and boys and the unique design of the hood keeps your baby’s head warm during chilly days. It also comes in various colors like blue, pink, and grey.

What Are Some Benefits of Having a Hooded Towel for Toddlers?

towels for toddlers

Hooded towels and robes not only look cute on toddlers but also provide some practical benefits that you will absolutely love.

#1) Keeps the baby’s head warm

Some hooded towels come with a unique design that keeps your baby’s head cozy and warm. This is especially great during chilly days.

#2) Cute animal patterns

If you’re looking for a luxurious bathrobe for toddlers, you can go with this option as it comes in various cute animal patterns like cows, pandas and monkeys.

#3) Perfect for bath time

Hooded towels make perfect shower gifts for newborn babies because their unique design keeps the baby warm during bath time.

#4) Two in one option

If you’re looking for a hooded towel that doubles as a robe after bath time, these options are perfect for you because they feature two in one design.

#5) Easy to wear

These towels come with snaps which makes them easy to put on by yourself, plus the softness of the fabric ensures that your baby feels comfortable after a bath time.

#6) 100% cotton material is a must for towels for toddlers

Most hooded towels are made from 100% cotton material, which adds softness and extra comfort to the baby’s skin.

#7) Waterproof

Towels for toddlers that feature a waterproof design allow your baby to play with balls or toys without taking them off. 

Furthermore, they help prevent mold and mildew growth after prolonged use!

What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Hooded Robe?

You need to pick a hooded robe that’s suitable for your baby’s size and fits them perfectly. 

The best-hooded robes for toddlers come with adjustable features so they can grow and adjust as the baby grows and it will still fit them perfectly.

Here are some tips for choosing a hooded robe:

#1) Hood

Make sure to pick a hood that’s soft and comfortable for your baby because some hoods might be too rough against the skin which causes irritation. 

Stay away from those that have loose strings that can cause rashes or cuts.

#2) Soft Material

Babies easily get irritated by some materials so it’s best to stick with something soft and delicate, cotton is always a great choice for this!

Always make sure the robe has enough moisture absorption to prevent any irritation.

#3) Convenience

Hooded robes should be made from a lightweight material so they are easy to carry around.

Some robes might be a bit heavier than others, so make sure to choose one that’s easy for your baby to handle.

#4) Adjustable Sleeves

Make sure the sleeves of your hooded robe can be adjusted according to your baby’s size because you don’t want them too loose or too tight.

#5) Easy to Clean

Make sure the robe is easy to clean and machine washable because you don’t want a hassle when it’s time for washing! 

You can choose between a hooded towel or a hooded bathrobe that features a matching set. 

A great tip is to get a robe that goes with your towels so you can use them together for a fun, matching set.

What Size Should a Toddler Towel Be?

The standard size for a toddler towel is 30 x 60 inches, but some come with larger options such as 31 x 70 inches.

What Age Are Hooded Towels For?

Hooded towels for toddlers are most suitable for baby’s age 2 and above.

Most hooded robes/baby bathrobes are suitable for toddlers age 0 and above, but it depends on the size of your child so you can go with a smaller option if needed.

What Kind of Towels Do Babies Use?

Babies need special care and attention during their early years. Rashes, irritations, and dry skin can be a big problem for newborn babies, which is why you need to make sure they use the right towels. 

Cotton towels are a perfect choice because of their softness and comfortable touch that doesn’t cause any irritation. They also absorb water quickly which prevents mold and mildew growth.

In addition, make sure to pick a color that’s suitable for your baby’s skin tone because some colors might not suit the baby’s natural skin tone. You can go with white or cream colors as they suit all shades of skin!

What Are Some Tips for Washing Towels?

Use a color catcher while washing towels to avoid unwanted color loss. This is especially great if you have another laundry in the same machine!

Wash both white and colored towels separately from other clothes to avoid any discoloration problems. If your towel features a faded hue, add salt to the water during the wash cycle for richer colors.

What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Hooded Towel?

Always make sure to follow the washing instructions of your hooded towel because some towels come with delicate washing requirements.

Some hooded towels are not suitable for the machine washer so you need to hand wash them instead. 

This means that they require more effort during the washing process, but you can guarantee that this will be a great investment for your baby’s future!

When To Replace Towels for Toddlers?

The best time to replace a towel is when it shows signs of deterioration and wear which can result in tears and holes. 

Always make sure to check the stitching before using the towel because if any thread comes loose, it can cause a tear during the use.

If you follow these simple steps, you can be sure that your baby will enjoy using the best-hooded towels every time!

What Are Some Tips for Washing a Hooded Robe?

Choose the right detergent! You want to make sure that the robe is hygienic and safe for your baby’s delicate skin. 

Try to avoid harsh ingredients that might cause irritation or dryness in the skin.

Using liquid detergent can cause your towel or robe to lose its shape and form. Powdered detergents are gentle on the fabric which helps eliminate stiffness and maintains the original feel of your hooded robe.

Always make sure to wash items with dark colors separately from lighter colors because you don’t want the color of your robe to fade. Wash them in cold water on a delicate cycle.

Many hooded robes are made from material that can shrink when submitted to high heat so it’s best not to throw them in the dryer. If you wash it with other items, make sure to hang it out to dry instead of putting it in the dryer. 

It can take a while but hanging them outside helps maintain the original feel and shape!


There you have it! Now you know what to do when purchasing a towel for your toddler. Make sure you choose the right size and soft to protect your kid’s skin.

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