Top 25 Toys for 4 Month Old Baby Boys and Girls – Are you looking for proper toys for your 4-month-old baby? Here we have made our top 25 choices of toys for 4-month-old baby boys and girls. Refer to this list to find ideas on what to buy your baby next time you go to Target!

Little babies develop different skills every day. They start to explore the world around them and learn about how things work.

An entire month of fun, new experiences are what your 4-month-old baby will experience in just one week. 

For parents, this can be an arduous yet enjoyable time–watching your baby grow and learn can be an amazing process.

This is the month when your baby will grow the most. Your little one’s brain, lungs, liver, kidneys are all working hard to catch up with their ever-growing body!

This article is a guide for parents who have 4-month-old babies who are just starting to grow and learn. 

There are many different toys that exist for babies of this age to help them discover their surroundings better, but it can be difficult knowing what is best for your baby. 

That’s why we’ve listed the top 25 best toys to give your 4 month-old an amazing learning experience!

How Do You Keep Your 4-Month-Old Entertained?

The best way to keep your 4-month-old entertained is with toys that have different textures. 

They’ll be able to feel the difference between things and it will stimulate their senses even more!

Do 4-Month-Olds Play With Toys?

Yes! There are a variety of toys out there that you can try to see what your baby enjoys the most. Some of the top toys for 4-month-old babies include:

  1. Puzzles
  2. Mobiles
  3. Soft Books
  4. Rattles
  5. Activity Centers
  6. Push and Pull Toys
  7. Shape Sorters
  8. Oball Toys
  9. Baby Beads
  10. Bath Toys
  11. Music Toys
  12. Stuffed Animals and Dolls
  13. Blocks
  14. Toy Cars, Trucks and Trains
  15. Teethers

When Should Babies Start Playing With Toys?

It varies by child, but usually, infants start to show interest in toys around 3-4 months of age! 

Sitting up is another key milestone that’s important to understand when playing with your baby. Before babies can sit up on their own, it is safest for them to play on the floor. 

Once they can sit up, it is best that they play on a soft surface such as a bed or carpeted area such that if they fall over, they’ll be okay. 

Now we know babies can play with toys and we also know what kinds of toys to get!

Top 25 Toys for 4 Month-Old Baby Boy and Girl

1) Puzzles

toys for 4 month old baby

One of the best toys for 4-month-old baby boys and girls is puzzles. There are many types of puzzles, but we recommend the shape sorters and peg puzzles because they’re easy for little hands to grasp and play with. 

They can be stacked or put into a row and your baby will enjoy figuring out how to knock them over! This is a great way for your baby to learn about cause and effect.

2) Mobiles

Mobile toys are perfect for your 4-month-old! They provide entertainment in the sense that babies will watch the moving objects in front of them and it can help with their motor skill development as well. 

However, we recommend that you keep an eye on the baby when they’re playing with mobiles. Babies tend to get a little more excited and curious about things around them!

3) Soft Books

These are books that have texture on the pages and crinkle sounds, allowing babies to explore their sense of touch and sound at once. 

Impulse control is also something many 4-month-olds struggles with, so it can be a great way for them to learn self-control through the pages.

4) Rattles

baby toys for 4 month old baby

Rattles are quite popular in this category because they provide such an easy and accessible toy that babies love!

They’re ideal for babies who enjoy holding things with their hands and shaking them.

If you consider buying it, you can read our guide about the best rattles for babies here.

5) Activity Centers

These are great toys to grow with your baby! Babies love to look around and watch the activity center, but they will gain more interest in it as they get older. 

They provide entertainment through colors, music, and light patterns.

6) Push and Pull Toys

These toys move when the baby pushes them with their feet. It is a great way for babies to enjoy doing something physical with their bodies! 

Plus, when they get older and start crawling, it will help strengthen the muscles in their legs that they’ll use during that time.

7) Shape Sorters

Babies love learning about shapes and how things work in this world. This is a great way to help them grasp objects and begin learning about cause and effect.

8) Oball Toys

best learning toys for 4 month old baby

Babies go crazy for these toys! They roll all over the place, making different sounds as they do so. Babies love this stimulation from their surroundings. 

The only downside is that babies might try to put the balls in their mouth and they’re not really for eating.

9) Baby Beads

These are great toys for 4-month-olds because it’s a way they can explore colors and shapes as well as develop hand-eye coordination skills!

10) Bath Toys

If you give your baby toys in the bath, make sure they don’t get too close to the water and that you watch them closely! You want to make sure they aren’t putting things in their mouth.

11) Music Toys

play toys for 4 month old baby

Babies love to listen to music and it’s a great way for them to learn about sounds around them. 

They’ll enjoy listening to the music and playing with the toys at the same time.  

12) Soft Stacks Animals

Babies love playing with stuffed animals! They can grab onto them, throw them around or just explore by knocking them over. 

Make sure they aren’t putting the animals in their mouths. Instead, encourage them to hold onto them so they can learn how to grasp objects.

13) Interactive Socks

These socks have fun toys inside that move around as your baby moves. The only problem is, babies might put the socks in their mouths so you should keep an eye on them when they’re playing with them.  

14) Activity Balls

Babies can easily grip these balls and begin to learn how to roll it around. It’s a great way for them to learn about cause and effect.

15) Alphabet Blocks

activity toys for 4 month old baby

These blocks are great because they provide an easy activity that babies can use to begin learning their letters!

16) Workbench Toys

They allow your baby to do something with their hands while also giving them something to do. It can keep babies entertained for hours!

17) Door Jumper

This is a great toy because it allows your baby to jump without them getting hurt! It’s safe and easy to use at the same time.

18) Potty Training Seat

Your 4-month-old baby might not be ready for this just yet, but it can help prepare them for when they are.

19) Swings

These toys let you babysit and play with things as they swing back and forth! It’s a great toy to stimulate their senses.

20) Balls

They roll all over the place so babies can chase after them and use their feet to push them!

21) Plush Animals

These are great toys because babies love to snuggle with them, but they can also play with them as well! They’re safe to put in their mouth.

22) Activity Tables

 As your baby gets older, this is a great toy that helps stimulate their senses. You can activate lights or sounds by pressing different buttons.

23) Musical instruments

Babies love listening to music so they’ll enjoy dancing along with these! Make sure you help them out a bit as it might be hard for them to use on their own just yet.  

24) Shape Cube

It’s shaped like a cube and has holes on the sides, allowing them to put their little fingers through and grab onto it!

25) Stacking Toys

They help babies learn about shapes as well as develop hand-eye coordination skills. This is a fun toy that’ll keep your baby entertained for hours!


These are just a few of the many toys that your 4-month-old baby will enjoy playing with. It doesn’t matter if you pick soft toys, crinkly ones, or any other kind as long as they’re something your little one enjoys!

This list will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the most appropriate toys for your age!

Have fun playing with them together and make sure to keep an eye on them at all times

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